Gallup: rising concern over water pollution

Gallup: rising concern over water pollution Gallup recently released data from its annual environment poll and reported that Americans are more worried about their water than at any time since 2001. Source: Gallup More concern among non-white, low-income Americans Gallup also reported that non-white and low-income Americans express greater worry about water pollution. "The [...]

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3 takeaways from Gallup’s polling on water

3 takeaways from Gallup's water polling For decades, Gallup has asked Americans about their water and it has found plenty of worry, especially over pollution. The Gallup poll doesn't delve deeply into water policy. But it's a useful national barometer for concern over water. "Polluted drinking water and the pollution of rivers, lakes and reservoirs have [...]

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MWH Global’s survey on water infrastructure

MWH Global's survey on water infrastructure A majority of Americans worry about their water infrastructure and say they're willing to pay more in order to upgrade water works, according to an MWH Global survey. The April 2016 online poll of 1,005 nationally representative U.S. adults also found that two-thirds of respondents were concerned about how much water it takes [...]

Value of Water Coalition poll on water infrastructure

Value of Water Coalition poll on water infrastructure A Value of Water Coalition poll found that Americans are willing to pay more on their water bills if they're informed about infrastructure issues. When asked initially if they were willing to pay more, survey respondents were evenly split: 47% in favor and 47% opposed. But after pollsters provided [...]