Q&A with pollster Dave Metz

Q&A: my interview with pollster Dave Metz Pollster Dave Metz Dave Metz is one of the nation’s leading experts on public opinion related to water and other natural resource issues. Metz, a partner at Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, has provided opinion research and strategic guidance to hundreds of non-profits, government agencies, [...]

Americans support more spending on water infrastructure

Americans support more spending on water infrastructure Many of President Donald Trump's campaign promises and early moves in office have sparked controversy and highlighted deep divisions within the country. But one of Trump's proposals--spending $1 trillion to fix the nation's infrastructure--has broad, bipartisan support, according to numerous public opinion surveys. Water projects are only expected to [...]

Water issues probed in Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll

Water issues probed in Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll Americans say contaminated water is as serious a health problem as heroin abuse, according to an April 2016 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. As part of its longstanding Health Tracking Poll, the Kaiser Family Foundation asked Americans to rate a series of health issues facing [...]

MWH Global’s survey on water infrastructure

MWH Global's survey on water infrastructure A majority of Americans worry about their water infrastructure and say they're willing to pay more in order to upgrade water works, according to an MWH Global survey. The April 2016 online poll of 1,005 nationally representative U.S. adults also found that two-thirds of respondents were concerned about how much water it takes [...]

World Economic Forum survey: water crises a top risk

World Economic Forum survey: water crises a top global risk A World Economic Forum survey periodically asks experts about dozens of risks confronting the globe. In recent surveys, "water crises" have been at or near the top of global risks. The graphic below summarizes the latest findings, released in January 2016. The World Economic Forum provides a number of infographics that summarize the [...]

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Value of Water Coalition poll on water infrastructure

Value of Water Coalition poll on water infrastructure A Value of Water Coalition poll found that Americans are willing to pay more on their water bills if they're informed about infrastructure issues. When asked initially if they were willing to pay more, survey respondents were evenly split: 47% in favor and 47% opposed. But after pollsters provided [...]

USC-LA Times poll: Californians spread blame for water woes

USC-LA Times poll: Californians spread blame around for water woes A fall 2015 poll by USC and the Los Angeles Times found that 35% of state residents felt the drought was having a “major impact” on their family, while half said it was having a “minor impact." The poll also asked Californians about the roots [...]

Pew Research Center: drought tops climate change concerns around globe

Pew poll: drought and water shortages top climate change concerns When the Pew Research Center asked people in 40 countries about their greatest worries related to climate change, drought and water shortages topped the list. The 2015 Pew poll also found high levels of concern over severe weather, such as floods and intense storms. But in all [...]

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Polling showed strong support for California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Polling in advance of California's new groundwater law A California groundwater poll released in the midst of severe drought found strong support for better management of the state's aquifers. In July 2014, the Water Foundation hired two pollsters—Public Opinion Strategies and Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates—to analyze public opinion on the issue as part of the [...]