Synthesis of public opinion research on water

Looking across polls and based on interviews with pollsters, we have synthesized the following findings from public opinion research on water. This is a work in progress that will be updated as we analyze new surveys.

Water worries

Water solutions

  • As with many public policy issues, there is a partisan divide in opinion on water, but it is less extreme than divisions over climate change and some other environmental problems.
  • In general, Americans and Westerners prefer conservation and efficiency measures over building new dams and water works.
  • People say they’re willing to make changes in their daily lives to reduce water use, and to pay for upgrades to water infrastructure.
  • Americans may be unsure of their water source, but virtually everyone understands the need for clean water and how events such as droughts and contamination can impact supplies. aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes public opinion data on water-related issues. Stay informed via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, RSS, and email.