Directory of water polling data

Here’s a directory of our data pages, which contain interactive dashboards and static graphics summarizing key polls on water and related issues.

Gallup Poll

One of America’s best known polls has regularly asked Americans about their water. The surveys have found persistent high levels of concern over water, especially pollution.

Conservation in the West Poll

This poll of residents in six states in the Interior West has been conducted since 2011 and has found that Westerners prefer conservation over augmentation of water supplies.

Public Policy Institute of California

PPIC has been polling on water, drought, and related issues for many years and has found Californians deeply concerned about their water supply.

San Diego County Water Authority

Although it only covers one part of of one state, the San Diego County Water Authority has done extensive polling on water issues.

Circle of Blue 

In 2009, a survey of 15 countries found that people around the globe see water as the planet’s biggest environmental problem, outranking air pollution, depletion of natural resources, loss of habitat, and climate change. aggregates and analyzes public opinion data on water and related issues. Stay informed through our email newsletter, RSS feed, and Twitter.