Updated synthesis and topical pages

Public opinion on water covers a slew of topics, not to mention different geographies, so I’ve tried to sum up what I’ve learned in our synthesis and topical pages.

I’ve updated the synthesis page to include some new findings from recent polls that I’ve covered on WaterPolls.org. I also added some links to relevant posts if you’d like to learn more about certain issues. Here’s a screenshot of part of the page:

Public opinion on water


Another way to go deep on a particular topic or place is to check out some pages that I’ve created on the website to collect relevant contact. Below are some links to the issues and geographies I’ve covered.

Public opinion on water by issue

  • Climate change: Severe weather and other climate change impacts have been covered in some recent polls.
  • Conservation: Surveys have asked people about their water use habits and offered insights into why people conserve.
  • Cost: Some polls have covered water bills and residents’ willingness to pay more.
  • Drought: Epic dry spells in California and elsewhere have prompted many surveys to focus on drought.
  • Infrastructure: Several polls have examined the public’s views on waterworks and whether they support increased spending on infrastructure.
  • Quality: Pollution and other water quality issues are featured prominently in many polls.
  • Supply: Especially in the American West, many survey questions have asked about the future of water supplies.

Water polling by geography

You can also find content on WaterPolls.org using the built-in search engine. There’s a search box in the upper right of the website.

Have a suggestion for the synthesis or want to know more about a particular topic? Feel free to contact me.

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